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Press Releases
June 7, 2017

The draft report released on June 7 on bioenergy sustainability crit

June 1, 2017

This study looks at the benefits gained by local communities from the logging industry in Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia and the Republic of Congo and was carried out with support from and on request of local NGOs in these countries.

Press Releases
May 30, 2017

Today, the European Parliament took one step forward and two steps back for the climate and forests.

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On a positive front, the Environment Committee voted to strengthen the EU’s climate target for the Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR) - which covers the agriculture, waste, buildings and transport sectors - by reducing the amount of ‘LULUCF offsets’ they had access to by 90 million tons of CO2.

NGO Statements
May 30, 2017

European climate and energy policies are built on the myth that all bioenergy - being a renewable energy source - is good for the climate and good for the environment.

NGO Statements
May 24, 2017

This letter from eight environmental NGOs asks the European Commission to ensure that all participants of their conference 'Tackling illegal logging and deforestation: progress made and opportunities for future action' have the necessary materials to contribute effectively.