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All eyes on the European Commission as it is set to make a crucial decision on deforestation

In the coming weeks, the European Commission is set to make a momentous decision about the fate of the world’s forests. The decision rests on whether the EU will develop an Action Plan on deforestation and degradation, as envisaged by the Council and Parliament in 2013 in the context of the 7th EU Environment Action Programme. 
In February 2018, Fern and other NGOs called on the Commission to commit to developing a formal action plan, including legislative measures, as soon as possible within the course of the coming months. You can read the letter here
For more detailed information, you can also read the following publications:
  • Our Recommendations for an EU Action Plan to Protect Forests and Respect Rights
  • Fern's discussion paper - Developing EU measures to address forest-risk commodities: What can be learned from EU regulation of other sectors?
  • Fern's report - Stolen Goods: The EU’s complicity in illegal tropical deforestation
  • A common NGO statement proposing new measures that build on and strengthen governmental and corporate commitments for zero deforestation and respect for community rights.