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Biodiversity offsetting: Film

Biodiversity offsetting, making dreams come true

Can you offset the impacts of a new road carving up a valley? Once you destroy woodland for a motorway service station, can you replace what you lost? How about fracking - can you offset the impacts of a shale gas well? These are all questions we will need to consider if the EU goes ahead with new legislation permitting biodiversity offsets. The EU is holding a consultation on how to achieve no net loss of biodiversity, and asks questions about biodiversity offsetting. Tell them your views here: and sign on to an open letter to the European Commission urging them to reconsider their support of offsetting

Most recent publications

Banking Nature: will putting a price on nature protect it?

On 23 June, the European Parliament hosted a screening of the documentary Banking Nature, which questions the role that markets play in protecting biodiversity, followed by a debate about the role the EU should play in supporting innovative financial mechanisms for biodiversity protection.

Beyond biodiversity offsetting; trading away community rights in Gabon

This is the fourth in a series of briefing notes outlining concerns and considerations related to global proposals to offset biodiversity loss. This briefing note analyses a dangerous new proposal being discussed in Gabon for a new Sustainable Development Law (SDL) which goes even further than biodiversity offset schemes outlined so far.

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European Commission’s biodiversity offset report shows it is deaf to the concerns of EU citizens

This press release raises concern about a new European Commission report on biodiversity offsetting which was commissioned before the conclusion of the Commission consultation on No Net Loss.

Open letter to Commissioner Potočnik about biodiversity offsetting

This letter from a group of concerned organisations and individuals who believe that legislation on biodiversity offsetting being considered by the European Commission would harm nature and people, and would give power to those who destroy nature for private profit. The signatories ask for all plans on offsetting to be dropped.

Public Consultation on the future EU Initiative on No Net Loss of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

FERN's submission to the consultation on No Net Loss of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services explains why the initiative should not be introduced. To see a short film outlining the problems with offsetting visit: