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Certification and Procurement: EU Forest Watch

ForestWatch Issue 157 February 2011

  • Commission’s ‘Buying Social’ guide disappoints
  • Greater ECA accountability needed – but how?
  • Emissions from land use: count them or reduce them?
  • Dutch Government rightly wary of MTCS
  • Paper dispute: Court finds against Italian NGO
  • UK marks year of forests by selling theirs
PDF iconFW 157 February 2011.pdf232.25 KB

Forestwatch Issue 156 and Cancun and International Year of the Forest Specials

Welcome to the first Forest Watch of 2011. This is also United Nations Year of the Forest and so FERN has written a two-page Forest Watch special looking at the state of play for forests through the lens of our campaigns which can be accessed below. Last month too was  an important month for forests due to decisions made at the 16th Conference of the Parties in Cancun. FERN’s two-page special report from that meeting is attached below. Articles in this months Forest Watch include:

  • VPA processes see slow progression
  • Paralysis by Analysis
  • ‘Sustainable on Paper’
  • Congo approves a law to protect indigenous peoples
  • EEAS and DEVCO: the new EU external relations jargon

ForestWatch Issue 155 December 2010

  • Social criteria are permissible in timber procurement policy
  • Questions remain about Cancun forests agreement
  • A bold move: the EP votes to address ECA flaws
  • The future of CAP: opinions welcome
  • Agrofuel plans drive destruction

PDF iconFW 155 December 2010.pdf217.33 KB

Forestwatch Issue 145 and Copenhagen Special

  • EU Member States reject prohibition of the sale of illegal timber
  • NGOs reject Ecolabel for copying and graphic paper
  • Will Europe follow America’s ECAs in reducing GHGs
  • Integrated Product Policy and Beyond
  • Member States’ support binding biomass criteria
  • Copenhagen Update (Available in French and Spanish)

Forestwatch issue 141

  • Obstacles on the road to sustainable bioenergy criteria
  • Climate haggling... to be continued
  • UK timber procurement: Help shape criteria
  • The Saami Council applauds breakthrough
PDF iconOPEN179.99 KB

Forestwatch issue 140

  • Ilisu dam: teetering at the edge
  • Liberia’s dubious timber concessions
  • UK Environmental Audit Committee heeded
  • EU aid: must do better
PDF iconFW 140.pdf176.55 KB
PDF iconBonn II meeting update.pdf131.11 KB

Forest Watch Issue 139

  • New DG for Climate and Energy criticised
  • GPP: Be heard!
  • R-Plans: Indigenous and local communities stand firm
  • Not so fast, M. de Larosière!
  • Commission must sharpen development policy tools
  • Cameroon VPA negotiation concludes
  • Biomass update
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Most recent publications

Playing with Fire: Human Misery, Environmental Destruction and Summer BBQs

With temperatures soaring across Europe this summer millions have enjoyed barbecues – and will continue to do so until the last drops of warm weather. Yet few are aware of the true cost of the charcoal they fire them with.

PDF iconPlaying with Fire FINAL.pdf1.16 MB

Assessment of the European Commission's proposal for the revision of Public Procurement Directives

The Network for sustainable development in public procurement (NSPP) has conducted an assessment of the European Commission's proposal for the revision of the Public Procurement Directives.

Statement from NGOs on the EU Ecolabel and Asia Pulp and Paper

In 2006 the EU Ecolabel was awarded to two brands of photocopy paper – Golden Plus and Lucky Boss – produced by the Indonesian company Pindo Deli, a subsidiary of APP. In 2010, FERN published “EU Ecolabel allows forest destruction – the case of Pindo Deli,” questioning how the Ecolabel could be awarded to paper from a company such as Pindo Deli. It also exposed the flaws of the system: overall lack of transparency of the EU Ecolabel award process, the lack of a formal complaints mechanism and the weakness of the criteria for providing an EU Ecolabel to copying and graphic paper.

PDF iconNGO_statement_APP.pdf186.49 KB

Letter from Asia Pulp and Paper's lawyer re: FERN's report on Pindo Deli

On 21 November 2011, FERN was sent the attached letter from APP's lawyers. We will not be removing the report 'EU Ecolabel allows forest destruction - the case of Pindo Deli' from our site as we stand by the information in that document and the conclusion the EU Ecolabel needs to improve its transparency. For further information please see 'The EU Ecolabel and Asia Pulp and Paper' an NGO statement signed onto by fourteen NGOs.

PDF iconAPP_lawyers_letter V2.pdf189.44 KB

Key demands and messages from the Network for Sustainable Development in Public Procurement

Joint press release from the Network for Sustainable Development in Public Procurement on the occasion of the European Commission's Conference "Modernising public procurement"

FERN statement to the Forest Stewardship Council on withdrawing FERN's membership

In a position paper presented to the FSC General Assembly in 2008, FERN and other FSC members from the environmental and economic chamber highlighted the changes necessary for the FSC to regain and retain its credibility. In 2009, FERN followed this up with a statement outlining that as a member of FSC, challenges to FSC’s credibility had a negative effect on FERN’s own credibility. The statement identified three courses of action that would lead to FERN terminating its FSC membership. 

PDF iconFERN leaving FSC.pdf624.85 KB