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Forest Protection Policy

In early March 2010, the European Commission adopted a green paper about the protection of forests in Europe against climate change. The discussion it generates should guide Commission decisions on whether additional action is needed at the EU level to protect forests. Whilst the paper highlights some important issues such as the need for more harmonised, reliable and comprehensive information systems to assess forest resources and conditions, it seriously fails to make a proper analysis of the lack of coherence of EU and Member States policies that have an impact on forests.

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Most recent publications

FERN position paper: The new Forest Strategy

The EU Forestry Strategy adopted in 1998, acted as a response to concerns about the lack of coherence and coordination between national forest policies and other forest related EU policies. Though the non-legally binding Forestry Strategy represents the first significant attempt to create an EU-wide framework for forests, its development and implementation left much to be desired.

PDF iconFERN review EU Forestry Strategy237.4 KB

ForestWatch special: Legally binding agreement on forests in Europe: “same, same but different”?

Ministers will gather in mid June 2011 in Oslo to take a decision about whether to enter into negotiations on a legally binding agreement (LBA) for forests in Europe. NGOs question what the added value of this instrument will be and whether an LBA will really be able to deal with potential conflicts of interest concerning the future of Europe’s forests. This ForestWatch special outlines the main issues.

PDF iconLBA special June 2011.pdf142.25 KB

ForestWatch Issue 158

PDF iconFW 158 March 2011.pdf226.41 KB

ForestWatch Issue 157 February 2011

  • Commission’s ‘Buying Social’ guide disappoints
  • Greater ECA accountability needed – but how?
  • Emissions from land use: count them or reduce them?
  • Dutch Government rightly wary of MTCS
  • Paper dispute: Court finds against Italian NGO
  • UK marks year of forests by selling theirs
PDF iconFW 157 February 2011.pdf232.25 KB

ForestWatch Issue 155 December 2010

  • Social criteria are permissible in timber procurement policy
  • Questions remain about Cancun forests agreement
  • A bold move: the EP votes to address ECA flaws
  • The future of CAP: opinions welcome
  • Agrofuel plans drive destruction

PDF iconFW 155 December 2010.pdf217.33 KB

ForestWatch Issue 154 November 2010

  • Prelude to Cancun: Tianjin climate talks update
  • CAP reform: missing the opportunity to protect forests
  • Addressing carbon fraud?
  • Malaysian certificate rejected
  • How to reduce Madagascan forest destruction?
PDF iconFW 154 November 2010.pdf214.71 KB