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Forest Protection Policy

In early March 2010, the European Commission adopted a green paper about the protection of forests in Europe against climate change. The discussion it generates should guide Commission decisions on whether additional action is needed at the EU level to protect forests. Whilst the paper highlights some important issues such as the need for more harmonised, reliable and comprehensive information systems to assess forest resources and conditions, it seriously fails to make a proper analysis of the lack of coherence of EU and Member States policies that have an impact on forests.

Relevant reports

EU documents



Most recent publications

Forestwatch Issue 147 and Biomass Report Special

  • EU Emissions Trading Scheme an ‘open door’ for crime?
  • Green Paper shows Commission is green on forest protection
  • German state allows short-rotation plantations in forests
  • Growing biofuel concern
  • WTO versus WEO
  • Biomass Report shows increasing lack of policy coherence on forest protection
PDF iconFW 147 March 2010.pdf192.74 KB
PDF iconBiomass report special.pdf133.65 KB

Forestwatch Issue 146 and FLEGT special

  • Copenhagen’s missing ingredients: legal standing and political will
  • Sarawak cases, VPA lessons
  • Moving goal posts: staunching EU biodiversity loss
  • Bulgaria facing EU penalty over forest swaps
  • Forest Inaction Plan
  • ‘Sustainable’ Biofuels?
  • Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT): Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) special 
PDF iconVPA update.pdf131.26 KB
PDF iconFW 146 February 2010.pdf212.96 KB

Forestwatch Issue 144 and update from Barcelona

  • Climate, energy and environment change
  • A binding forest agreement?
  • Biomass: binding sustainability criteria needed
  • relaunched
  • First US illegal timber investigation
  • EU ratifies Ghana VPA
  • Palm oil funding frozen
  • Update from UNFCCC Barcelona meeting
PDF iconFW 144 December 2009213.17 KB
PDF iconBarcelona update118.32 KB

Forestwatch Issue 143 November 2009

  • EU Council reaches a troubling conclusion
  • Flawed bioenergy policies will fail EU forests
  • CAR VPA negotiations calendar ambitious
  • CDM to open doors to large scale plantations
PDF iconFW 143 Nov 2009.pdf212.16 KB

Forestwatch issue 141

  • Obstacles on the road to sustainable bioenergy criteria
  • Climate haggling... to be continued
  • UK timber procurement: Help shape criteria
  • The Saami Council applauds breakthrough
PDF iconOPEN179.99 KB

Forest Watch Issue 138

  • Billions of Euros available for afforestation
  • Forest activists win prize
  • Recession+ETS=few carbon reductions in the EU
  • Adapting to climate change?
  • Republic of Congo to sign a VPA with the EU
  • Special report from the UNFCCC forest climate meeting in Bonn
PDF iconFW 138.pdf259.51 KB