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Forest Protection Policy

In early March 2010, the European Commission adopted a green paper about the protection of forests in Europe against climate change. The discussion it generates should guide Commission decisions on whether additional action is needed at the EU level to protect forests. Whilst the paper highlights some important issues such as the need for more harmonised, reliable and comprehensive information systems to assess forest resources and conditions, it seriously fails to make a proper analysis of the lack of coherence of EU and Member States policies that have an impact on forests.

Relevant reports

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Most recent publications

Forestwatch Issue 134

  • Wood criteria threaten green procurement
  • Civil society gagged
  • Forest offsets remain excluded from ETS – for now
  • Ilisu Dam: not dead yet
  • EU biodiversity goals: Failure in progress
  • FERN/Forest Peoples Programme Poznan Special
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Forestwatch Issue 132

  • FSC must improve its performance
  • Biofuel bonus
  • Council prepares for Poznan
  • ASEAN inches toward human rights organ
  • Clearer guidelines for Natura 2000
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Forestwatch Issue 129

  • Congo VPA process launched
  • Forest funding questioned
  • MEPs vote for reduced agrofuel target
  • Is EC aid ready to fulfil its sustainability target?
  • US bans illegal timber
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Funding forests into the future

Looking at how the European Fund for Rural Development affects  Europe's forests, this report is the culmination of research and  reports from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Hungary,  Portugal and Romania. It reveals that the Commission's own safety net of having NGO consultation and partnership has been routinely ignored and comes up with a series of recommendations to ensure the Rural Development Fund reduces biodiversity loss across Europe.

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Rural Development Programme and forests in Slovakia

A presentation By Pavol Polak on a FERN seminar 'Raising awareness of forest funding via the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, held in Brussels in November 2007
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Rural Development Programme and forests in Poland

A powerpoint presentation given at the FERN seminar ' Raising awareness of forest funding via the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development by Pavol Polak and Krystyna Stachura. November 2007.
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