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Export credit agencies

Fern works towards EU trade and investment policies that do not subsidise climate change and ensure strict financing rules are in place for institutions such as Export Credit Agencies. 

Fern’s analysis: Despite the EU’s claim that it is a leader in halting climate change, its trade and investment policies are in fact worsening the situation. Among the most damaging institutions supported by EU policies are Export credit agencies (ECAs) and the European Investment Bank who continue to finance destructive activities and the fossil fuel industry to the tune of millions. Nearly 10 per cent of world exports are supported by ECAs, approximately twice the world’s total overseas development assistance.

What Fern is doing: Fern is analysing EU finance and investment's impacts on forests and the climate in order to show its incoherence with the EU's climate policy to keep global warming below two degrees celcius and make it accountable to its own climate policies. Fern is also facilitating the European ECA Reform Campaign, bringing together a coalition of organisations from across Europe with the goal of achieving environmental and social standards for EU-based ECAs.

To learn more about this campaign: see, the report Exporting Destruction. Export credits, illegal logging and deforestation and the book Why Investment Matters.

Most recent publications

Bankrolling Climate Change: Why it is time to end Hermes flights of fancy

While the threat of climate change and the urgent need for action become ever clearer, air transport and other polluting industries are expanding on a massive scale. Supposed green pioneers such as Germany are supporting the trade with public money it hands out through its export credit agency Hermes AG. This joint briefing note by urgewald and FERN focuses on these contradictions and looks for a way out of a system that speaks of concern about climate change whilst funding some of its biggest causes.
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Exporting Destruction. Export credits, illegal logging and deforestation

Exporting Destruction, shines a light on the role that export credit agencies (ECAs) play in financing global deforestation and produces a set of policy recommendations to reduce their negative   impacts on forests.

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Call to halt Ilisu Dam - International Day of Action for Rivers

Joint Call to halt Ilisu Dam Development on the Occasion of the
International Day of Action Against Dams and for Rivers, Water and Life 14 March 2008.
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NGO presentation to UK Government on illegal logging

Presentation by FERN to UK Government on 24 January 2008 concerning additional options to control illegal timber imports into the EU.
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Accessing environmental information in and from the European Community. A practical guide to your right to know.

This new report explains how the Aarhus Convention on access to environmental information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters is going to increase transparency, public participation and access to courts and judicial review. With this guide, which focuses on access to environmental information, FERN gives campaigners the starting point for exercising some of the rights enshrined in the Convention.
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European Parliament passes resolution to end taxpayer support for fossil fuels projects

Brussels, 29 November 2007 – With a resounding majority (540 MEPs in favour), the European Parliament today passed a resolution on trade and climate change which calls for “the discontinuation of public support, via export credit agencies and public investment banks, for fossil fuel projects”.
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