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Double Jeopardy: coal's threat to forests

Coal is the single biggest contributor to man-made climate change, while deforestation accounts for up to one-sixth of CO2 emissions. So when forests are torn down to make way for coal mines the danger to the planet intensifies.

Fern has launched a new report - Double Jeopardy: coal's threat to forests - which shows that at least 11.9 million hectares of forest across the world are at risk from coal mining.

A crucial element of the report is an interactive website, which, for the first time, uses GIS mapping technology to give a global picture of where forests are being threatened by new coal-mining concessions.

Beyond the ‘double whammy’ that razing forests to burn coal poses to the climate, there is its devastating impact on forest-dependent communities. The solution, in part, lies with them. Protecting their tenure rights should be a key part of the strategy to keep forests standing and, where coal lies beneath them, keeping it in the ground.

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