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Common Agricultural Policy Consultation: Your views needed

The European Commission launched its public consultation on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on 2 February 2017; it will run until 2 May 2017. The questionnaire offers mainly multiple-choice questions, as well as space to upload a five-page position paper. Hoping to mobilise organisations from a broad range of sectors across Europe to support CAP reform, a coalition of environmental NGOs has published recommended answers for the public consultation and their reasoning at NGOs working on Food and Farming, including Fern, have made their joint statement public, and invite anyone to use it as inspiration in responding to the CAP consultation. To reduce pressure on forests caused by animal production in the EU, Fern recommends highlighting the following issues in the CAP consultation:

  • CAP payments should be contingent on specific environmental measures; public money should be used only for goods that have a public benefit.
  • Imported animal feed, such as soya, should be legally and sustainably produced.
  • The CAP should encourage a reduction of animal-product consumption levels (FW222) to move towards a true circular economy.

Follow the CAP reform campaign’s developments at the coalition’s hashtag: #LivingLand. Fern will launch a report on CAP, feedstocks and deforestation in Summer 2017.