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On Shaky Ground: The involvement of civil society in the preparatory stage of the FLEGT support project

Telapak and FERN follow up the implementation of the FLEGT Support Project. This EC-funded project aims to tackle illegal logging and promote the role of forests in the sustainable development of Indonesia.

Previous briefings in this series: Finding solutions to illegal logging: civil society and the FLEGT Support Project (June 2005)
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Rural Development Regulation fails to meet EU targets

The environmental quality and health of European forests is declining, and an increasing number of forest-dependent species are now endangered as a result of poor forestry practices. However, the new Rural Development Regulation for 2007–2013, which could be used to help prevent this biodiversity loss, looks set to miss the mark, as shown by research in this FERN - TRN Briefing Note.
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How EU taxpayers money gets lost in subsidising the forestry sector

Europe's forests receive huge subsidies. In 13 countries assessed, over 8.6 billion EUR of public funds were spent on forestry programmes during the period 1990-1999. This briefing examines the allocation of public funding to forestry programmes within Europe. This briefing is a summary of the FERN/ TRN report: EU subsidies for forestry practices during the 1990s
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The Ilisu Dam Project: Europe's money would move Turkey away from the acquis communautaire

At the beginning of October 2006, three European export credit agencies are expected to decide whether or not to finance one of the world's most controversial infrastructure projects. Going ahead with the project would mean displacing tens of thousands of people, destroying a significant cultural heritage, and increasing the potential for seroius conflict over water resources in the Middle East. The project also utterly fails to meet EU social and environmental standards - thereby moving accession candidate Turkey away from the EU acquis.
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ECAs and the Licence to Finance: Consultation, Participation and the OECD's Recommendation on Common Approaches

This paper by Nick Hildyard of the Corner House gives recommendations on how to address deficiencies in current ECA policy with regard to consultation and participation and argues that affected communities and indigenous peoples must be recognized as rights holders in the decsion-making process.
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Court of Auditor's Report: The environmental aspects of the Commission's development co-operation

This Briefing Note summarises the European Court of Auditors’ findings on the lack of environmental protection into projects dealing with co-operation between the European Community and developing countries. The findings of this latest report are not new and detail the limited success of attempts to tackle the problem. The report concludes with a recommendation that the Commission should establish a comprehensive environmental strategy for its development aid.

Forests of the Czech Republic

This briefing note, on forests of the Czech Republic, is part of the series of briefing notes about the forest situation in the new Member States. Authors: Michal Rezek - FSC Working Group Czech Republic, Zuzana Stroufova - Hnuti DUHA (Friends of the Earth Czech Republic), Jaromir Blaha - Hnuti DUHA (Friends of the Earth Czech Republic).
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Forests of Estonia

This  briefing note, on forests of Estonia, is part of the series of briefing notes about the forest situation in the new Member States.  Author: Jaan Parn, Estonian Green Movement.
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Integrating environmental issues in the next round of co-operation agreements between the EU and ACP countries

FERN and ICCO Briefing Note to facilitate lobbying by civil society organisations wanting to advocate the integration of environmental issues into the next round of co-operation agreements between the European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

Intégration des questions environnementales dans le prochain cycle d’accords de coopération entre l’UE et les pays ACP
Cette Note d’information a été préparé par FERN et ICCO en vue de faciliter le plaidoyer des organisations de la société civile désireuses de soutenir l’intégration des questions environnementales dans le prochain d’accords de coopération entre l’Union européenne et les pays d’Afrique, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique.
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The CDM methodology approval process and the exclusion of avoided fuel switch projects

Explanatory Briefing on avoided fuel switch projects and the CDM approval process for project methodologies.
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