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From green ideals to REDD money

FERN briefing note detailing the history of Avoided Deforestation and Degradation and explaining the basic differences between the different country proposals on the table for Reduced Emissions of Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD).

Forests are more than carbon

To prevent dangerous climate change and land degradation, conserve biodiversity and safeguard the sustainable use of forests by local communities and Indigenous Peoples, any agreement must be designed to stop deforestation and degradation, not simply reduce or defer emissions.

Consultation requirements under FLEGT

A briefing note by a coalition of European NGOs which details what constitutes a proper consultation process for countries negotiating a Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade, Voluntary Partnership Agreement (FLEGT-VPA) with the EU.

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Avoiding Deforestation and Degradation: Walking the tightrope to success

A short briefing note which looks at how to ensure REDD schemes have a threefold purpose: to safeguard and enforce the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities, to bring an end to great swathes of deforestation and to help address climate change.

When the solution is the problem: the EU and its policies on agrofuels

This briefing paper briefly describes the two sides of the agrofuels issue and analyses the present EU debate. It concludes that the present EU policy is misguided and strongly advocates dropping the 10 per cent target while stressing the need to develop a truly sustainable transport policy.

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Export Credit Debt. How ECA support to corporations indebts the world's poor

This briefing note by Both ENDS and FERN highlights the fairly hidden role of Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) in the debt problems of many developing countries. It explains how export credit debt comes about, and clarifies how the cancellation of export credit debt is written off with Official Development Assistance (ODA) money.  It concludes with suggestions about how ECAs should change, in order to become coherent with international efforts to reduce poverty through sustainable development.

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Bankrolling Climate Change: Why it is time to end Hermes flights of fancy

While the threat of climate change and the urgent need for action become ever clearer, air transport and other polluting industries are expanding on a massive scale. Supposed green pioneers such as Germany are supporting the trade with public money it hands out through its export credit agency Hermes AG. This joint briefing note by urgewald and FERN focuses on these contradictions and looks for a way out of a system that speaks of concern about climate change whilst funding some of its biggest causes.
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