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Lessons learned from funding for FLEGT

This briefing note provides useful suggestions for civil society with regards to applying for funding to work on FLEGT. It is based on lessons learned from past experiences as well as direct inputs from the donors themselves. The  recommendations should increase the likelihood of obtaining future funding.

REDD+: An incentive structure for long-term performance

In this discussion paper we outline a pragmatic approach to reliable monitoring of performance which could help to deliver effective forest protection with the limited resources available. There is broad consensus that focusing on the underlying causes of forest destruction, such as poor forest governance, disregard for ecosystems and lack of clarity around land tenure rights, is the essential first step to reducing forest loss.

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Publications list

A summary of FERN's most recent publications. For older publications from any of FERN's campaigns, please visit






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Local Civil Society Organisations join EU battle against illegal logging

This briefing note looking at what has been achieved so far by FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) finds that the EU has played a central role in ensuring various civil society groups are involved in the VPA negotiating process. Without EU pressure on governments and officials, civil society groups would not have been able to participate. In most cases the VPA process worked well.

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Land rights in Gabon: Facing up to the past and the present SUMMARY

This summary briefing outlines the ten key findings of the full report. It concludes that secure and equitable tenure does matter in modern agrarian economies and that a more nuanced approach to the exceptionalities of Gabon is required.

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Golden Veroleum Liberia: What does the contract say?

This briefing note by Sustainable Development Institute Liberia (SDI) is based on analysis of the Concession Agreement between the Government of Liberia and Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL), dated August 16, 2010. This brief highlights key areas of concern related to community rights, and shows the lack of justice and equality in the concession agreement.

A similar briefing note looks at the situation with regards to Sime Darby. It is available here:

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Sime Darby: What does the contract say?

This briefing note by Sustainable Development Institute Liberia

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Banking on carbon markets: Why the European Investment Bank got it wrong in the fight against climate change

This briefing provides an overview of the publicly documented involvement of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in support of failing carbon markets. It is based on a report by the organisations Counter Balance and Campagna per la riforma della banca mondiale (CRBM). The original report is available here.

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