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Silas: No more business as usual - Belgian Premiere

On 6 February 2018, Fern is organising the screening of Silas at the Cinema Galeries at 19:00. Meet with Silas Siakor, 2006 Goldman Prize Winner.

Respecting Rights and Protecting Forests in the Amazon - side event

Side event in the context of the exhibition Amazon-connection

European Parliament, 23 January, 10:00 – 12:00


Respecting Rights and Protecting Forests in the Amazon

What tools to further the rights of communities and deal with climate change?

Virgin Atlantic: A small victory in a bigger battle

By Julia Christian

Controversy has long plagued the Oddar Meanchey carbon offset project in Cambodia.

Solid evidence has been in the public domain for years that forests supposed to be protected by the project—which has been backed by the United Nations’ REDD+ scheme-- have in fact been systematically cleared by the Cambodian military.

How local rights can halt global wrongs: the legal path to sustainable farming in Brazil

by Nicole Polsterer

Agricultural expansion is devastating the world’s forests.

In Brazil the levelling of forests to grow soy to feed an insatiable export market has also led to human rights violations, including forced evictions, land grabs and violence.

While climate change wreaks havoc, airlines hide plans to double emissions behind a widely discredited scheme.

By Julia Christian

In Bonn last month delegates from around the world discussed how to implement the Paris Climate Change Agreement  – which aims to tackle the greatest threat currently facing the planet.

At exactly the same time almost 6,000 kilometres away in Montreal, representatives from the global aviation industry were hell-bent on undermining the Agreement’s aims.

The absurd scenario simultaneously playing out in different meeting rooms on different continents can be traced back to the 1997 climate talks in Kyoto.

Sacrificing South America’s forests on the altar of EU market access

The first trade talks between the European Union and the Mercosur bloc of nations - Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay – began almost 20 years ago. Since then they have stuttered through 28 rounds of negotiations, but this year it looks as if an agreement will finally be reached. A critical issue remains unresolved, however: the amount of beef the South American nations can export to the EU...

Guest Blog: Are European taxpayers funding land grabs and forest destruction?

By Mark Curtis

The central aim of European Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) is to foster growth and reduce poverty. Yet in Africa, evidence is mounting that they have funded ‘forestry’ projects which have caused deforestation, possible land grabs, and undermined communities’ livelihoods.

The fate of the Congo Basin forests must lie with its people

By Marie-Ange Kalenga

A light breeze of democratisation is blowing through the Congo Basin – and it is being driven by civil society.

Ghana is on the brink of a major advance in its fight against illegal logging. But now its forests face serious threat from mining.

By Samuel Mawutor

Between 1990 and 2005 Ghana lost an estimated quarter of its national forest cover. Illegal timber harvesting was rife, and poor governance and a lack of transparency plagued the forest sector.

Things began to change for the better from 2008 with the introduction of the Natural Resources and Environmental Governance programme, an initiative supported by international donors on the basis that Ghana agreed to reform its forest sector, and improve the governance of its natural resources more generally.