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Forest Watch special: VPA update November 2016

LoggingOff and Fern publish an occasional Forest Watch special VPA update, which provides a roundup of developments across countries involved in VPA processes, from a civil society perspective. In the November 2016 edition, the main article examines the fact that Indonesia is on the verge of issuing the world's first FLEGT licences.

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EU Forest Watch Issue 214 - April 2016

  • EU must act urgently on FLEGT and deforestation
  • EU’s illegal logging legislation bares its teeth
  • FLEGT: Council takes a more balanced view
  • Jumbo thumbs-down for aviation offsetting plan
  • Destructive palm oil imports in the spotlight
  • Funders get cold feet as violence against Honduran activists continues
  • Europe’s World Heritage woods under the axe
  • France floats ‘compensation’ to maintain DRC logging moratorium
  • Credit where it’s due!