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Major companies want more government support to end deforestation

Governments should do more to help companies whose products drive tropical deforestation, a new survey of some of the world’s biggest producers and buyers of palm oil, timber, cocoa and rubber has found.

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Climate and the Sámi people threatened as Finland attempts to hide its forest emissions

Finland’s industrial logging is already threatening the climate and its indigenous Sámi people, and yet last year the Finnish government confirmed its intention to increase harvesting the country’s forests by

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European Commission grants Drax a license to destroy forests at public’s expense

The UK’s biggest power station Drax can continue destroying forests and releasing greenhouse gas emissions at the taxpayer’s expense, after the European Commission today approved millions of pounds of additional UK renewable energy subsidies to the energy company for burning wood instead of coal.

This press release from five NGOs, including Fern, who disagree with the decision.

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People across globe tell European Union: New bioenergy policies must protect climate, crops, forests

At a time when EU’s taxpayers are funding bioenergy projects that are worsening global warming and destroying forests, this press release shows how an international day of action on bioenergy galvanised environmentalists and citizens to call on influential EU Commissioners to ‘Make it Right’.

Aviation sector threatens to undermine Paris Agreement

This press release explains why the aviation sector’s plan for tackling its greenhouse gas emissions would have disastrous consequences for the climate.


New site shines a spotlight on pandemic of deforestation driven by illegal agriculture

A new website has been launched to monitor the devastating impact of illegal large-scale commercial agriculture as a driver of global deforestation.

Fern reaction to Commission's proposal for LULUCF regulation

Commission’s forest proposal weakens EU Paris climate commitment

The European Union’s fight against climate change has been undermined by new proposals for tackling emissions from land and forests. The proposals outlined today by the European Commission for integrating emissions from land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) into its climate and energy package, will allow Member States to emit more, bringing the EU’s headline ‘at least 40 per cent’ reduction target down to less than 39 per cent, when all loopholes are accounted for.

UK referendum must not derail EU climate policy

Brussels- based green NGOs, including Fern, have urged the European Commission to push on with its 2030 climate legislation - despite the uncertainty in the wake of the UK referendum result. 

The EU’s destructive bioenergy policy must end

Brussels, May 10, 2016 - As the European Commission closes its public consultation on the future of the EU’s bioenergy policy, the steps necessary to end its current disastrous impacts are highlighted in a response released today by forest NGO Fern.