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Climate the loser as the European Parliament fails to ensure wood is burnt sustainably

(Brussels) – 17 January 2018. The European Parliament today failed to help the climate by reversing the European Union’s (EU) disastrous bioenergy policy. 

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Forest restoration - Our secret weapon for achieving the Paris Agreement targets

To reach the Paris Agreement temperature target of limiting temperature rise to 1.5 degrees we must preserve and restore forests. On 16 November 2017 our event looked at how forest restoration can be undertaken in a way that protects local people’s rights and consider ways to mobilise finances for protection and restoration.

Playing with Fire: Europe's bioenergy future

Many European countries rely on bioenergy to meet their renewable energy targets - with detrimental impacts on forests, air quality, the climate and the European wood industry.

EU’s Environment Committee recognises role of forests in fighting climate change but fails on bioenergy

The European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee today voted to increase removals of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by forests from 2030 onwards, recognising the important role that EU fore

What impact has the Renewable Energy Directive had on EU forests?

The EU Renewable Energy Directive was launched in 2009 to great fanfare and the promise that the EU would fulfil at least 20 per cent of its total energy needs with renewables. Few could have guessed that
a policy intended to help the EU meet climate goals would lead to vast increases in the burning of wood, degrading forests in Europe and beyond.
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One step forward, two steps back for EU on climate and forests

Today, the European Parliament took one step forward and two steps back for the climate and forests.

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On a positive front, the Environment Committee voted to strengthen the EU’s climate target for the Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR) - which covers the agriculture, waste, buildings and transport sectors - by reducing the amount of ‘LULUCF offsets’ they had access to by 90 million tons of CO2.

Ensuring bioenergy comes clean in the Clean Energy Package - Joint Statement

European climate and energy policies are built on the myth that all bioenergy - being a renewable energy source - is good for the climate and good for the environment.

Press Release: New report shows how biomass burning devastates forests

Europe’s once peaceful forests are being invaded in the name of green energy, according to a new report for the forest NGO Fern by acclaimed writer Fred Pearce.
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ForestWatch special: Legally binding agreement on forests in Europe: “same, same but different”?

Ministers will gather in mid June 2011 in Oslo to take a decision about whether to enter into negotiations on a legally binding agreement (LBA) for forests in Europe. NGOs question what the added value of this instrument will be and whether an LBA will really be able to deal with potential conflicts of interest concerning the future of Europe’s forests. This ForestWatch special outlines the main issues.

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NGO open letter on the Legally Binding Agreement on forests in Europe

NGOs are concerned that a Forest Europe working group is pushing ahead with creating a Legally Binding Agreement on forests in Europe despite the fact that key questions have not been considered. The biggest among those unanswered questions is: what value would such a new agreement add to the protection of the forests in Europe? NGOs think the answer is 'none' and are also concerned that the process has been very poor.

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