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Securing community land and resource rights in Africa: A guide to legal reform and best practices

This report draws on examples from across Africa to explain key aspects of law and explore ways of identifying, creating and making the most of opportunities for positive legal reform.

ForestWatch Issue 151 July 2010 and special update on Bonn UNFCCC meeting

  • Prohibition on illegal timber is here!
  • Bioenergy policy will lead to a carbon debt
  • More human approaches
  • Missing: political will to protect forests in the EU
  • Sweden’s unsustainable forestry
  • Ecolabel still endorses forest destruction
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Liberia - The Promise Betrayed

This report by Liberian NGO SDI reflects on the state of forest law enforcement and governance in post-conflict Liberia. It catalogues the major flaws and illegalities that occurred during the handing out of forest concessions in the last few years. It reaffirms that the potential of the logging industry to deliver jobs and revenue is exaggerated – often intentionally so.

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FERN submission to UK Parliament

FERN submission to the UK Select Committee on Environment, spelling out FERN's vision on forest, climate, rights and carbon trading

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FERN and Rainforest Foundation UK submission to UNFCCC

Submission by FERN and Rainforest Foundation UK to the UNFCCC SBSTA on indigenous peoples rights and climate. The submission spells out that recognition of forest peoples' rights is pre-condition for a succesful forest - climate agreement

Forestwatch Issue 134

  • Wood criteria threaten green procurement
  • Civil society gagged
  • Forest offsets remain excluded from ETS – for now
  • Ilisu Dam: not dead yet
  • EU biodiversity goals: Failure in progress
  • FERN/Forest Peoples Programme Poznan Special
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Avoiding Deforestation and Degradation: Walking the tightrope to success

A short briefing note which looks at how to ensure REDD schemes have a threefold purpose: to safeguard and enforce the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities, to bring an end to great swathes of deforestation and to help address climate change.

Call to halt Ilisu Dam - International Day of Action for Rivers

Joint Call to halt Ilisu Dam Development on the Occasion of the
International Day of Action Against Dams and for Rivers, Water and Life 14 March 2008.
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FERN submission to the Eliasch Review on Avoided Deforestation

FERN submission to the Eliasch Review Questionnaire: Global Forests and Finance Flows.

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