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Climate the loser as the European Parliament fails to ensure wood is burnt sustainably

(Brussels) – 17 January 2018. The European Parliament today failed to help the climate by reversing the European Union’s (EU) disastrous bioenergy policy. 

PDF icon EP bioenergy_RED_vote_Fern_PR.pdf589.52 KB

Why we need quality and quantity criteria for biomass

Presentation given by László Maráz from the "Sustainable Biomass" forum. Given at the 2010 FME meeting in Nettersheim. 

Shrink 2010 paper reduction presentation

Presentation outlining various successes and challenges of the Shrink campaign of the European Environmental Paper Network. 

EU expert group on LULUCF

Presentation given at the 2010 FME meeting. 

World Bank presentation

Presentation on the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility given by Jürgen Blaser, INTERCOOPERATION at the 2009 FME meeting.

PDF icon World Bank presentation.pdf1.21 MB

Paper presentation

Presentation on the present situation with regards to the global and European paper campaigns. FME 2009.

PDF icon Paper presentation.pdf75.04 KB

Palm oil destruction in Indonesia

Robin Wood presentation on the dangers of Palm Oil in Indonesia. FME 2009.