FERN position paper: The new Forest Strategy

1 Oktober 2011

FERN position paper: The new Forest Strategy

The EU Forestry Strategy adopted in 1998, acted as a response to concerns about the lack of coherence and coordination between national forest policies and other forest related EU policies. Though the non-legally binding Forestry Strategy represents the first significant attempt to create an EU-wide framework for forests, its development and implementation left much to be desired.

We have new challenges ahead of us, such as increasing demands for wood resources and continuing biodiversity decline, but no clear mechanism to resolve the trade-offs. There is therefore a need for a new Forest Strategy that sets clear priorities for forests in the EU within a framework of enhanced forest protection and resource efficiency. The new strategy also needs to be more effective in improving coherence between an increasing amount of policies impacting forests in the EU.

Kategorien: NGO Statements, European forests

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