Controlling imports of illegal timber: Options for Europe

26 julio 2002

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Controlling imports of illegal timber: Options for Europe

This report presents a series of recommendations for the institutions of the European Union (EU), and for the governments of the EU member states, on means to control the import of illegally sourced timber and wood products into the territory of the EU. It identifies existing legislation that may be applicable in controlling imports; looks at ways of promoting legal products in the market and of controlling flows of investment to potentially illegal forestry activities; examines existing global frameworks that may be applicable; analyses new approaches that are currently being discussed, in particular the option of new EU legislation, including a licensing scheme for legal timber, enabling member states to control the entry of illegally sourced timber; and considers the practical issues, including identification systems, that must be addressed.

Report by FERN and The Royal Institute for International Affairs. 

Also available in French, German and Spanish.

Categoría: Reports

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