EU Forests of Hope

1 abril 2020

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EU Forests of Hope

How community restoration and management of forests can help meet climate goals


EU Member States are debating how to transform their economies to fight climate change. Most agree that forests play an important role, but many are unclear on the activities that could enable forests to help deal with the climate and biodiversity crises. We need to both absorb carbon AND make forests more resilient and able to support life.

The EU has traditionally treated forests as either an intensive industry or an abandoned reserve, but the people who live within and besides forests know they are more than that. To deal with the climate emergency we need to improve our relationship with land.

EU Forests of Hope reveals the options to protect and restore forests that already exist: The positive stories of communities showing how we can work for forests and how the forests can work for us. 



The first report of the series, EU Forest in Danger, revealed some of the EU forests that are under threat. Deforestation and forest degradation are happening in our backyard, but to beat the climate emergency we need to protect and restore forests globally. It is time for the EU to acknowledge the problem and propose solutions.

Categorías: Reports, Forest restoration, Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF), European forests

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