Communications internship (paid) – helping increase Fern’s reach

  • Type: 4/5 or full time
  • Salary: 800€/month
  • Location: Brussels or Moreton-in-Marsh
  • Benefits: Fern will cover travel costs incurred during the internship


Help Fern analyse and define target audiences and adapt its dissemination strategies to reach new targets. You will help design ways to get our messages heard beyond the usual audiences and put these plans in to practice.


Fern is a European NGO with a global focus. We hold the EU to account for the impact it has on forests and the communities living in and around them, worldwide. We influence and improve EU policies, always informed by those on the ground. We are a small organisation spread between three offices (UK, Paris, and Brussels, Belgium). The communications team makes sure that Fern’s research, policy proposals and campaign messages reach the right eyes and ears and make a difference.

Fern showcases original research and videos highlighting the voices of communities in forested countries and the impact EU policies have on climate change and forests. Our material also explains the problem with deforestation-driven commodities (such as soy, palm oil, cocoa and beef); and monoculture plantations; and explores new ways to mitigate climate change such as close-to-nature forestry, community forestry and forest restoration.

We constantly produce new content, but older content still remains relevant, and we need to make sure it reaches people who haven’t seen it yet, but should. We also need to remind those that have seen them to take another look.

It is an exciting time to join Fern’s communications team. We have just finalised our three-year plans and are starting to work on new initiatives. Nevertheless, we don’t want all the great information that Fern has produced in the past to get swept aside. Therefore, we are looking for an imaginative and creative intern to join the team for three to six months, to help the team analyse and define the right targets and find ways to transform our publications and videos into content that will reach the target audiences. 

Specific tasks to be completed by the intern:

Exact tasks will be agreed by the successful intern and their Fern contact point, but indicative tasks could include:

  • Working with the communications team on dissemination of new reports, publications and visual material
  • Manage Fern’s website and social media pages
  • Investigate ways to improve our dissemination on social media with the aim of reaching new audiences and allies
  • Investigate ways to improve Fern’s internal communications
  • Support the development and dissemination of potential future videos
  • Support the production and dissemination of Fern’s monthly newsletter: Forest Watch
  • Manage the LoggingOff website and increase its reach: this includes keeping it up-to-date, compiling information and editing text, keeping records of the website stats and present ways to increase LoggingOff’s reach, and collaborate with partners – when needed – to enhance their use of the website
  • Analyse and define target audiences
  • Support campaigners with meeting and event logistics
  • Support campaigners with ad-hoc requests and simple IT issues
  • Support the team with internal communications, office and administration tasks
  • Learn how Fern works by reading our House Rules, annual reports and relevant publications and by participating in relevant internal meetings

What will Fern give you?

This is an exciting paid opportunity to get strong work experience in a campaigning organisation, learning how to market material to different audiences.

Fern will ensure you have a computer and desk to work from in one of our offices.

Fern will ensure you get an overview of all our campaign areas, and the opportunity to join communications team meetings, with the chance to influence Fern’s communications.

Fern will ensure you are introduced to our non-hierarchical structure and receive support to get the most out of your time with us.



  • Experience in a communications environment or relevant qualification
  • Interest in environmental or social justice issues
  • A good eye for design
  • A good understanding and experience of using social media


  • Knowledge of any additional language
  • Good writing and/or editing skills
  • Knowledge of image editing or video editing software
  • Knowledge of Typo3 and/or Wordpress
  • Knowledge of marketing strategy
  • Knowledge of behavioural communications sciences
  • Minimum understanding of how the EU institutions work

Timeline and logistics:

We would like you to start in early January.

Fern has funding to pay about €800/month for this role and will also cover travel costs incurred during the internship.

This could be a 4/5 or full-time position, depending on mutual agreement between you and Fern.

How to apply:

Send your application to by 1 December. To be considered, your application should contain:

  1. Your CV;
  2. A short email explaining your interest in working with Fern;
  3. Your preference to working in the Brussels or UK office and when you could start;
  4. Your assignment:
  • Create a social media infographic to advertise one of the below three videos* with a suggested tweet and a call to action addressed to an EU decision-maker (it should be snappy yet respectful);
  • Or include a few examples from your portfolio of social media infographics you’ve previously created.

*Select a Fern video from the list:
- Introducing FLEGT:
- Trade Agreements and Forests:
- Bioenergy – a global problem:


Fern will close applications once we find the right candidate.
Short-listed candidates will be selected early December and invited for an interview the second week of December.

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