All of Fern’s campaigns are designed and delivered with partners – organisations with strong experience of the problems on the ground and the solutions needed to solve them. Our role is to ensure that policymakers receive direct input from those at the forefront of forest destruction and restoration, and that national NGOs understand how the EU works and have the space to be heard.

Get to know some of our partners and projects:

Ghana: Bringing communities to the centre of economic negotiations

"Instead of  being at the bottom we want to bring the communities right to the centre. (...) Fern has been our strongest ally in the forest governance and Voluntary Partnership Agreement [a trade deal with the EU] campaign. It’s not a typical donor relationship, in that we both play to our strengths and Fern trusts us to know the situation on the ground here."

Samuel Mawutor, programme officer at Civic Response, an environmental and resources NGO based in Accra, Ghana

Read the full interview here. 

Brazil: Understanding the impact of European consumption on the Amazon

“I study the drivers of deforestation to understand how to avoid deforestation and move to more sustainable land uses in the Amazon. (...) From my side it’s important to understand the EU policies that affect demand for the agricultural products that drive deforestation here, and the impact of any new EU regulations aimed at stopping it."

Paulo Barreto, senior researcher at Imazon, an independent non-profit organisation based in Belém, Brazil

Read the full interview here

Laos: Support local NGOs to take part in EU decision-making

“We try to help build the capacity of poor rural people, particularly women, so that they can take control of their destinies in sustainable ways and improve the quality of their lives"

"After the Lao government expressed interest in engaging in a Voluntary Partnership Agreement process, Fern came to Laos to meet local NGOs and explain the deal and the opportunities to engage in the process to contribute to better policies to protect forests and improve the livelihoods of forest communities."

Vansy Senyavong, founder and director of Maeying Houamjai Phathana (Women Participating in Development) based in Bokeo, Laos.

Read the full interview here

Watch our videos

"If you cut down the forest, it takes about 1600 years until the whole ecosystem recovers."

Peter Sabo from the organisation WOLF explains why bioenergy has drastically increased harvesting in Slovakia.

"We are at a difficult political crossroads."

Sonia Guajajara from APIB, a Brazilian Indigenous Peoples' association, describes the impact that trade with the EU has on the lives of Indigenous Peoples. 

"When EU policymakers hear directly from those who have seen and experienced the effect of their policies, it can transform their thinking."

This video is part of a series we made for our partners and others who want to make their voices heard in Brussels.

Read publications created with partners

We work on joint publications.

"We released a report in February 2020 in collaboration with Fern that challenged whether France’s long-term forest strategy would help fight the climate crisis, and provided an alternative vision. (...) It created a lot of debate in France."

Sylvain Angerand from Canopée Forêts Vivantes,
a French forest organisation

Read the report here

Read the full interview with Sylvain Angerand here

We also assist in publishing opinion pieces in European media.

Here, Marcio Astrini from Observatório do Clima, Brazil’s biggest coalition of climate NGOs, comments on the EU Regulation on deforestation-free products in Euractiv.

Read the article here

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