EU-Mercosur trade deal: What does it mean for Brazil?

2 septembre 2020

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EU-Mercosur trade deal: What does it mean for Brazil?

Brazil's environmental policies affect some of the world’s most important forests and can have a devastating effect on the traditional communities that live in and off them. This has a knock-on effect on the climate, our planet, temperatures in big cities and even the economy.

Foreign investment and projects to encourage the bioeconomy in the Amazon region could generate assets for the people of Brazil, but unfortunately this is not presently the case. Brazil is facing a reputational crisis and is a pariah in international politics because of its attacks on democracy, and its environmental destruction.

Midia NINJA and Fern have joined forces to deliver a video explaining the potential human rights and environmental impacts of Brazilian external relations, focusing specifically on the EU-Mercosur trade agreement. 

The video aims to raise Brazilian civil society organisations’ awareness of why European Union policy processes are relevant to them. There is still time to reshape the deal to put the environment and human rights at its heart.

The video answers key questions about the trade deal and why it matters for communities and forests. We hope this information will enable Brazilian civil society organisations to alert decision makers and the public about the risks of the deal as in stands.

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