How to achieve zero deforestation in the cattle sector

18 décembre 2023

How to achieve zero deforestation in the cattle sector

Best practices in Brazil and the new EU regulation on deforestation-free products

In June 2023, the EU Regulation on deforestation-free products (EUDR) entered into force, requiring companies to carry out due diligence to prevent products linked to deforestation and human rights violations from entering the EU market.

This study looks at how the Brazilian Beef on Track monitoring, reporting and verification system and complementary initiatives align with the requirements of the EUDR.

Despite existing efforts to curb deforestation in Brazil, ensuring full compliance with the EUDR will require investment. This will be especially important to achieve full traceability of indirect suppliers, and to enact measures to mitigate human rights violations.

At the United Nations Climate Conference COP28, the EU has launched a scheme to support producer countries to implement the actions necessary to deliver compliant products.

A national system of traceability and monitoring of socio-environmental indicators is key to avoiding leakage of negative impacts between biomes, and from one link of the supply chain to another.

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