Job Opportunities

Over our 3+ decades, we have worked with 100s of organisations and individuals all over the world who have helped put in place and implement European policies to protect forests and strengthen rights. None of our achievements could have happened without them.

At the heart of the organisation are the staff - we have very low turnover, and have a maximum cap on the number of staff at 20. As such over 30 years we have only had around 50 staff, including those who have joined us for our communications internship programme. To see if any jobs are available, check below:

Our annual communications internship programme is an opportunity for an individual hoping to work in NGO communications to gain experience of writing, dissemination, social media, strategy and non-hierarchical management structures.

Fern, in service to the Forest Movement

Fern also hosts the Forest Movement Europe, a cross EU network of NGOs and individuals using social justice to protect and restore forests. It includes NGOs from the breadth of the European Union as well as Norway and the United Kingdom and discussions held at the annual meeting have led to large changes in NGO strategy over the years.

Fern works with allied organisations all over the world as and when we can be mutually supportive, but in addition we have partners. We consider these to be the organisations with whom we have a shared strategy – with whom we work so closely that they appear in our Long-term strategy. You can see a full list of our partners here, but if you are a Member State NGO or an NGO in a tropical forested country whose forests are threatened by European policies, please do get in touch with our staff. We have material which explains how the EU works, how to achieve change at the EU and much more. We often support national NGOs to raise awareness of problems happening in their country whether you're from Liberia or Poland.

Fern sees itself as being in service to the Forest Movement, as a resource to explain European Union and cross-European decision-making to affected peoples and open space so that their voices can be heard.

To find out more, please do sign up to our newsletter ForestWatch and let us know if there are ways we can help.

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