The EU has signed several Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with forested countries in recent years and is negotiating more. These deals critically undermine the EU’s commitment to fight climate change, end deforestation and respect human rights. They intensify pressure on natural resources: exacerbating illegal logging, and deforestation and land grabs driven by agricultural expansion. Particularly shocking examples include the deals that the EU is negotiating with Indonesia and with the Mercosur bloc (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay).

What do Fern and our partners want? 

A more inclusive, transparent approach to negotiating EU trade agreements, which should be aligned with EU commitments to protect forests and respect human rights.

What are we doing? 

Working with NGO coalitions to ensure that EU trade deals are negotiated and implemented inclusively and transparently and include effective commitments to halt deforestation and promote climate, forest and human rights friendly bilateral trade.

    Who’s involved?

    The EU’s trade and investment agenda must benefit, not harm, forests and forest peoples.

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    Perrine Fournier

    Perrine Fournier

    Trade and Forest Campaigner

    Alexandra Benjamin

    Alexandra Benjamin

    Forest Governance Campaigner

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