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Forest Pledge

27 March 2019

Forest Pledge

Imagine a world without forests…

In 2017 we lost more tropical trees than in almost any year on record caused in part by EU investment in and imports of timber, palm oil, soy, beef, paper, cocoa and other commodities.

EU forests are also disappearing fast, in part due to increased harvesting for bioenergy. Even the most valuable primary forests are not spared, despite often sitting in protected areas.

Now imagine a world in which degraded and destroyed forests are restored and available to people and wildlife…

The EU has both the power and responsibility to make the second vision a reality.

More than 50 NGOs and forest experts and defenders from all over the world have therefore come together to ask future Members of the European Parliament to pledge to promote policies to protect and restore forests worldwide and recognise and secure forest peoples’ territories and their rights, including the rights of women, for generations to come.

The Pledge is available in CzechDutchEnglishFinnishFrenchGermanSpanish, Polish and Portuguese.


Marie Arena, Belgium

Benedek Javor, Hungary

Paul Brannen, United Kingdom

William Lajeanne, France

Damien Careme, France

Jo Leinen, Germany

David Cormand, France

Kateřina Konečná, Czech Republic

Françoise Coutant, France

Maria Noichl, Germany

Farid Djabali, France

Sirpa Pietikainen, Finland

Martin Häusling, Germany

Michèle Rivasi, France

Heidi Hautala, Finland

Bart Staes, Belgium

Yannick Jadot, France

François Thiollet, France

Sibylle Jannekeyn, France

Michal Wiezik, Slovakia

Petra De Sutter, Belgium

François Nicolas, France

Lucile Schmid, France

Delphine Batho, France

Karine Gloanec Maurin, France

Sophie Bussier, France

Tanja Fajon, Slovenia

Ruža Tomašić, Croatia

Monika Vana, Austria

Margrete Auken, Denmark

Michal Kozubík, Slovakia

Alojz Baránik, Slovakia

Miroslav Žiak, Slovakia

Branislav Bukviar, Slovakia

Saskia Bricmont, Belgium

Malika Hamza, Belgium

Stéphanie Lepczynski, Belgium

Kathleen Van Brempt, Belgium

Marc Tarabella, Belgium

Esther Bollendorff, Belgium

Martina Michels, Germany

Klaus Buchner, Germany

If you are standing as a Member of the European Parliament in the upcoming elections and would like to sign the pledge please contact:

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