We only have one planet

19 July 2018

We only have one planet

Forests contribute much more to the planet than we are aware, playing a major role in food security, fresh water, culture and wellbeing. They provide significant income for rural communities in developing countries, and are essential to the livelihoods of 1.6 billion people around the world.


But time is running out to save them and develop approaches that work for forests and the people that depend on them.


Fern’s work shows how essential forests are for development and achieving a sustainable future for all, from tackling illegal logging and deforestation, to strengthening local communities’ rights to nurture and restore their forests.See what we are doing with our partners in developing countries to chart a brighter future for forests.





Find out what can be done in these videos: 

Civil society explains how the EU can help:

Forest management improves lives and brings stability:

Community forests in Cameroon:


Forest communities fighting climate change with restoration:

Read what we have to say: fd  er  df

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