Consuming less, Consuming better

31 março 2015

EU consumers make a hefty contribution to (often illegal) global deforestation; of this, the food sector accounts for 60 per cent of the deforestation embodied in EU consumption. If the EU is to reach its commitment to end deforestation by 2030, it must tackle the impacts of the food sector. Importantly, consumer pressure not to be a party to forest (and other) destruction is building.

Less and Better: Making EU consumption policies work for people and forests explores possible solutions, including the opportunity to link health and environmental benefits in encouraging deforestation-free consumption. The study identifies action points, such as tackling food waste and requiring product labelling and transparent information that would allow consumers to assess the embodied deforestation of a product and choose accordingly. It examines current use of consumption taxes on harmful products and suggests applying similar taxes to unhealthy, high-deforestation commodities.

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