Response to the Forest Strategy consultation - A world of strong and healthy forests

24 março 2021

Response to the Forest Strategy consultation - A world of strong and healthy forests

Ursula von der Leyen is the first European Union (EU) Commission President to publicly recognise how important forests are to life on our planet. But with the climate crisis and biodiversity collapse looming, time is short to turn this recognition of a problem into action. 

Deforestation and forest degradation are complex local problems caused by even more complex international mechanisms. That is why the EU needs a strong Forest Strategy that can consider the many existing issues to keep forests standing and return destroyed forests to health. The new leaders in the European Commission could finally guide EU policies towards a positive and long-lasting impact on forests globally. 

To counter the pressures on forests, the Forest Strategy needs to propose amendments to the legislation that puts the biggest direct or indirect pressure on forests. This means that legislation should aim to restrict biomass use in the Renewable Energy Directive, and revise State Aid Rules and the EU Energy Taxation Directive. 

In this document, Fern outlines the answers to the questions posed in the Forest Strategy consultation which, if implemented, will ensure the strategy achieves its potential. 

Categorias: NGO Statements, Bioenergy, Illegal logging, International rights-based forest restoration

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