Battle of Forest Strategy visions: Industry prevails, nature loses

13 October 2020

Battle of Forest Strategy visions: Industry prevails, nature loses

The European Parliament (EP) has chosen between opposing visions of the EU’s future Forest Strategy. MEP Petri Sarvamaa of the Agriculture Committee (AGRI) proposed an own-initiative report that runs counter to the goals of the European Green Deal, favouring the expansion of industrial logging. In reaction, the Environment Committee took the rare step of not merely proposing amendments, but proposing an alternative report. But in its plenary vote on 7 October 2020, MEPs bowed to industry and voted for more intensive logging. 

“The report they adopted flies in the face of science by ignoring the dire state of Europe’s forests,” says Kelsey Perlman, Forests and Climate Campaigner, Fern. “Rather than listen to the will of Europeans, who overwhelmingly want action to protect nature, Parliament has ignored poor forest health and the increased loss of carbon dioxide from forests. This report is so conservative it could have been written by the forest industry. If MEPs won’t act when faced with unambiguous proof, when will they?”  

The EP undermines EU’s climate and biodiversity objectives in three ways:  

The European Commission proposal on the EU Forest Strategy is expected in the first quarter of next year.  

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