Environment Committee wins sole competence of the LULUCF regulation

15 March 2017

The Land use, Land use change and Forestry (LULUCF) regulation currently being debated by the European Parliament will remain in the sole competence of the Environment (ENVI) Committee, the Conference of Committee Chairs has decided.

The decision follows a request by the Chair of the Agriculture (AGRI) Committee for shared competence over the file. The decision to keep in with the Environment Committee was based on the focus of the proposal, which is “first and foremost on EU climate policy and curbing greenhouse gas emissions.” The conference of committee chairs, Cecilia Wikström went on to say that the LULUCF Regulation is meant to deliver on the EU’s 2030 policy framework for climate and energy and the Paris Agreement. This should focus the minds of the ENVI Committee, particularly the rapporteur MEP Norbert Lins, in ensuring that the LULUCF Regulation forms an ambitious plank of EU climate policy, with honest, credible and transparent accounting rules.

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