Making the European Green Deal work for International Partnerships

19 February 2020

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Making the European Green Deal work for International Partnerships

The European Commission’s Green Deal can help solving the international climate and biodiversity emergencies by shaping stronger and more sustainable partnerships with tropical forested countries. But this will only succeed, if it reconciles environmental sustainability, climate resilience and inclusive development.  

In the attached briefing, 14 NGOs and networks highlight how International Partnerships Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen can use the European Green Deal to help fight climate change and support greener development policies that leaves no one behind.

Their recommendations include:

  • Raising domestic ambition to reduce emissions and the EU’s global footprint;
  • Pushing for a people -and planet- focussed financial architecture and a stronger support for countries to enhance their nationally determined contributions;
  • Defining a renewed Partnership and Comprehensive Strategy with Africa that puts human rights and the needs of vulnerable groups at the heart of environmental and development efforts
  • Strengthening participation of civil society in all EU development efforts.


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