Up In Flames: How biomass burning wrecks Europe’s forests

3 June 2016

Written by: Fred Pearce

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Up In Flames: How biomass burning wrecks Europe’s forests

This new report by Fred Pearce for Fern shows that Europe’s forests are being invaded in the name of green energy. The report focuses on a number of forests in Europe and the US, that are under threat by this push for bioenergy, which is being fuelled by huge subsidies from the EU and its Member States.

Up in Flames - How biomass burning wrecks Europe’s forests, reveals how forests across Europe are being pillaged and their wood used for energy because of EU policies for promoting renewable electricity and heating with the aim to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

Almost half of wood harvested in the EU is now used for energy, while 60 per cent of the renewable energy is generated by biomass burning for electricity and heating. It supplies about five per cent of EU energy needs. Industry investors say that if the EU’s 2020 renewable energy targets are to be met, Europe will need between seven and 16 million hectares of energy crops.

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