Call for tender ‘Options for expanded monitoring and assessment of forest management in the EU’


Why this report? 

Much EU environmental legislation focuses on ecosystem protection, but it is equally important to ensure proper stewardship of the 85 per cent of EU forests managed for wood production. Despite this, a common framework for tracking and assessing the sustainability of forestry practices across the EU is currently lacking. 

Information about wood production and carbon sequestration is available, but to determine sustainability, many more elements are necessary. Stakeholders need to agree how to integrate social and environmental indicators and thresholds into EU forestry discussions, as they currently focus on economic and carbon dioxide related issues.

Environmental stressors, economic problems and political tensions related to forests are linked and the forest fires currently ravaging Southern Europe or the recent bark beetle outbreaks that affected Central Europe do not respect national boundaries. It is therefore necessary to start a broader conversation about how to measure and achieve multifunctional forestry.

With the launch of the EU Forest Strategy, the EU has the mandate to assess the sustainability of forest management in Member States to assess the following issues: 

  • The challenges related to the monitoring and reporting mechanisms, which lack a strategic framework. This means it is not possible to comprehensively demonstrate that the EU is on track to deliver on plans for the forests. 
  • The challenges related to planning which aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the how forests across the EU achieve a variety of functions including climate mitigation and adaptation, damage prevention and control, and meeting demand for forest biomass.
  • The lack of detailed sustainable forest management indicators and thresholds related to environmental and social issues. 

Objective: The report will outline a framework for determining the sustainability of forest management practices, including indicators and thresholds. It will review existing criteria, such as the Forest Europe indicators and outline gaps and opportunities to provide a comprehensive view of forest management across EU countries. 

Estimated work: 25-30 days over 3-3.5 months

Please submit a brief project proposal included estimated costs before 17 September to

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