Founded in 1995, we are an organisation based in the heart of the EU, dedicated to protecting forests and the rights of people who depend on them. We make decisions by consensus and build campaigns together with social and environmental organisations and movements across the world. We identify the threats facing the world’s forests, and work with affected peoples, social and environmental organisations and policy makers to devise and deliver solutions where the EU can make a difference.

Why Fern Cares 

Forests are essential for life on earth.

They create soil, maintain the water cycle and are a vast source of nutrients.  They make the weather and protect us from hurricanes, droughts and floods. They build and cool the atmosphere, and feed, cure and shelter more creatures than we can count. They are home to 300 million people and provide livelihoods for one fifth of humanity.

They are also a haven in times of stress. Even a short time in a forest can improve one’s mood, cardiovascular health and reduce blood pressure and stress. They inspire our children and are the starting point for many of our most cherished fairy tales, folklores and myths.

Yet every year, the destruction of the world’s forests increases. Indigenous Peoples and forest-based communities act as the Guardians of the Forest but we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with them to ensure forests are protected and restored everywhere.


To increase understanding of, and access to, European policy making; and to campaign for policies and practices in Europe that focus on forests and forest peoples’ rights and deliver economic, environmental and social justice globally.

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